Luke 6:48

Digged and went deep (eskapsen kai ebaqunen). Two first aorist indicatives. Not a hendiadys for dug deep. Skaptw, to dig, is as old as Homer, as is baqunw, to make deep. And laid a foundation (kai eqhken qemelion). That is the whole point. This wise builder struck the rock before he laid the foundation. When a flood arose (plhmmurh genomenh). Genitive absolute. Late word for flood, plhmmura, only here in the N.T., though in Job 40:18 . Brake against (proserhxen). First aorist active indicative from prosrhgnumi and in late writers prosrhssw, to break against. Only here in the N.T. Matthew 7:25 has prosepesan, from prospiptw, to fall against. Could not shake it (ouk iscusen saleusai authn). Did not have strength enough to shake it. Because it had been well builded (dia to kalw oikodomhsqai authn). Perfect passive articular infinitive after dia and with accusative of general reference.

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