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Luke 6:49

He that heareth and doeth not (o de akousa kai mh poihsa). Aorist active participle with article. Particular case singled out (punctiliar, aorist). Like a man (omoio estin anqrwpwi). Associative instrumental case after omoio as in verse Matthew 47 . Upon the earth (epi thn ghn). Matthew 7:26 has "upon the sand" (epi thn ammon), more precise and worse than mere earth. But not on the rock. Without a foundation (cwri qemeliou). The foundation on the rock after deep digging as in verse Matthew 48 . It fell in (sunepesen). Second aorist active of sunpiptw, to fall together, to collapse. An old verb from Homer on, but only here in the N.T. The ruin (to rhgma). The crash like a giant oak in the forest resounded far and wide. An old word for a rent or fracture as in medicine for laceration of a wound. Only here in the N.T.

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