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Luke 6:7

The scribes and the Pharisees (oi grammatei kai oi Parisaioi). Only Luke here though Pharisees named in Matthew 12:14 and Pharisees and Herodians in Mark 3:6 . Watched him (parethrounto auton). Imperfect middle, were watching for themselves on the side (para). Mark 3:2 has the imperfect active parethroun. Common verb, but the proposition para gave an extra touch, watching either assiduously like the physician at the bedside or insidiously with evil intent as here. Would heal (qerapeusei). But the present active indicative (qerapeuei) may be the correct text here. So Westcott and Hort. That they might find out how to accuse him (ina eurwsin kathgorein autou). Second aorist active subjunctive of euriskw and the infinitive with it means to find out how to do a thing. They were determined to make a case against Jesus. They felt sure that their presence would prevent any spurious work on the part of Jesus.

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