Luke 7:11

Soon afterwards (en toi exh). According to this reading supply cronwi, time. Other MSS. read th exh (supply hmerai, day). Hexh occurs in Luke and Acts in the N.T. though old adverb of time. That (Hoti). Not in the Greek, the two verbs egeneto and eporeuqh having no connective (asyndeton). Went with him (suneporeuonto autwi). Imperfect middle picturing the procession of disciples and the crowd with Jesus. Nain is not mentioned elsewhere in the N.T. There is today a hamlet about two miles west of Endor on the north slope of Little Hermon. There is a burying-place still in use. Robinson and Stanley think that the very road on which the crowd with Jesus met the funeral procession can be identified.

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