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Luke 7:12

Behold (kai idou). The kai introduces the apodosis of the temporal sentence and has to be left out in translations. It is a common idiom in Luke, kai idou. There was carried out (exekomizeto). Imperfect passive indicative. Common verb in late Greek for carrying out a body for burial, though here only in the N.T. (ekkomizw). Rock tombs outside of the village exist there today. One that was dead (teqnhkw). Perfect active participle of qnhskw, to die. The only son of his mother (monogenh uio th mhtri auto). Only begotten son to his mother (dative case). The compound adjective monogenh (mono and geno) is common in the old Greek and occurs in the N.T. about Jesus ( John 3:16 John 3:18 ). The "death of a widow's only son was the greatest misfortune conceivable" (Easton). And she was a widow (kai auth hn chra). This word chra gives the finishing touch to the pathos of the situation. The word is from chro, bereft. The mourning of a widow for an only son is the extremity of grief (Plummer). Much people (oclo ikano). Considerable crowd as often with this adjective ikano. Some were hired mourners, but the size of the crowd showed the real sympathy of the town for her.

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