Luke 7:36

That he would eat with him (ina pagh met autou). Second aorist active subjunctive. The use of ina after erwtaw (see also Luke 16:27 ) is on the border between the pure object clause and the indirect question (Robertson, Grammar, p. 1046) and the pure final clause. Luke has two other instances of Pharisees who invited Jesus to meals ( Luke 11:37 ; Luke 14:1 ) and he alone gives them. This is the Gospel of Hospitality (Ragg). Jesus would dine with a Pharisee or with a publican ( Luke 5:29 ; Mark 2:15 ; Matthew 9:10 ) and even invited himself to be the guest of Zaccheus ( Luke 9:5 ). This Pharisee was not as hostile as the leaders in Jerusalem. It is not necessary to think this Pharisee had any sinister motive in his invitation though he was not overly friendly (Plummer).