Luke 7:6

Went with them (eporeueto sun autoi). Imperfect indicative middle. He started to go along with them. Now (hdh). Already like Latin jam. In 1 Corinthians 4:8 nun hdh like jam nunc. Sent friends (epempsen pilou). This second embassy also, wanting in Matthew's narrative. He "puts the message of both into the mouth of the centurion himself" (Plummer). Note saying (legwn), present active singular participle, followed by direct quotation from the centurion himself. Trouble not thyself (Mh skullou). Present middle (direct use) imperative of skullw, old verb originally meaning to skin, to mangle, and then in later Greek to vex, trouble, annoy. Frequent in the papyri in this latter sense. For I am not worthy that (ou gar ikano eimi ina). The same word ikano, not axio, as in Matthew 8:8 , which see for discussion, from ikw, ikanw, to fit, to reach, be adequate for. Hina in both places as common in late Greek. See Matthew 8:8 also for "roof" (steghn, covering).

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