Luke 8:23

He fell asleep (apupnwsen). First aorist (ingressive) active indicative of apupnow, to put to sleep, to fall off to sleep, a late verb for which the older Greek used kaqupnow. Originally apupnow meant to waken from sleep, then to fall off to sleep (possibly a medical use). This is the only passage which speaks of the sleep of Jesus. Here only in the N.T. Came down (katebh). Second aorist active indicative of katabainw, common verb. It was literally true. These wind storms (lailap. So also Mark 4:37 ) rushed from Hermon down through the Jordan gorge upon the Sea of Galilee and shook it like a tempest ( Matthew 8:24 ). Mark's ( Mark 4:37 ) vivid use of the dramatic present ginetai (ariseth) is not so precise as Luke's "came down." See on Matthew 8:24 . These sudden squalls were dangerous on this small lake. They were filling (suneplhrounto). Imperfect passive. It was the boat that was being filled ( Mark 4:37 ) and it is here applied to the navigators as sailors sometimes spoke. An old verb, but in the N.T. used only by Luke ( Mark 8:23 ; Mark 9:51 ; Acts 2:1 ). Were in jeopardy (ekinduneuon). Imperfect active, vivid description. Old verb, but in the N.T. only here, Acts 19:27 ; 1 Corinthians 15:30 .

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