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Luke 8:24

Master, Master (Epistata, epistata). See on "Lu 5:5" for discussion. Mark 4:38 has Teacher (Didaskale), Matthew 8:25 has Lord (Kurie). The repetition here shows the uneasiness of the disciples. We perish (apollumeqa). So in Mark 4:38 ; Matthew 8:25 . Linear present middle indicative, we are perishing. The raging of the water (twi kludoni tou udato). Kludwn, common Greek word, is a boisterous surge, a violent agitation. Here only in the N.T. save James 1:6 . Kuma ( Mark 4:37 ) is the regular swell or wave. A calm (galhnh). Only in the parallels in the N.T., though common word. Here Mark 4:39 ; Matthew 8:26 add great (megalh). That (oti). This use of oti as explanatory of the demonstrative pronoun outo occurs in the parallels Mark 4:36 ; Matthew 8:27 and also in Luke 4:36 . It is almost result. He commandeth (epitassei). Peculiar to Luke.

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