Luke 8:28

Fell down (prosepesen). Second aorist active of prospiptw, to fall forward, towards, prostrate before one as here. Common verb. Mark 5:6 has prosekunhsen (worshipped). The Most High God (tou qeou tou upsistou). Uncertain whether tou qeou genuine or not. But "the Most High" clearly means God as already seen ( Luke 1:32 Luke 1:35 Luke 1:36 ; Luke 6:35 ). The phrase is common among heathen ( Numbers 24:16 ; Micah 6:6 ; Isaiah 14:14 ). The demoniac may have been a Gentile, but it is the demon here speaking. See on "Mr 2:7"; see also "Mt 8:29" for the Greek idiom (ti emoi kai soi). "What have I to do with thee?" See there also for "Torment me not."

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