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Luke 8:27

And for a long time (kai cronwi ikanwi). The use of the associative instrumental case in expressions of time is a very old Greek idiom that still appears in the papyri (Robertson, Grammar, p. 527). He had worn no clothes (ouk enedusato imation). First aorist middle indicative, constative aorist, viewing the "long time" as a point. Not pluperfect as English has it and not for the pluperfect, simply "and for a long time he did not put on himself (indirect middle) any clothing." The physician would naturally note this item. Common verb enduw or endunw. This item in Luke alone, though implied by Mark 5:15 "clothed" (imatismenon). And abode not in any house (kai en oikiai ouk emenen). Imperfect active. Peculiar to Luke, though implied by the mention of tombs in all three ( Mark 5:3 ; Matthew 8:28 ; Luke 8:27 ).

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