Luke 8:3

Joanna (Iwana). Her husband Cuza, steward (epitropou) of Herod, is held by some to be the nobleman (basiliko) of John 4:46-53 who believed and all his house. At any rate Christ had a follower from the household of Herod Antipas who had such curiosity to see and hear him. One may recall also Manaen ( Acts 13:1 ), Herod's foster brother. Joanna is mentioned again with Mary Magdalene in Luke 24:10 . Who ministered unto them (aitine dihkonoun autoi). Imperfect active of diakonew, common verb, but note augment as if from dia and akonew, but from diakono and that from dia and koni (dust). The very fact that Jesus now had twelve men going with him called for help from others and the women of means responded to the demand. Of their substance (ek twn uparcontwn autai). From the things belonging to them. This is the first woman's missionary society for the support of missionaries of the Gospel. They had difficulties in their way, but they overcame these, so great was their gratitude and zeal.