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Luke 8:4

By a parable (dia parabolh). Mark 4:2 says "in parables" as does Matthew 13:3 . This is the beginning of the first great group of parables as given in Mark 4:1-34 and Matthew 13:1-53 . There are ten of these parables in Mark and Matthew and only two in Luke 8:4-18 (The Sower and the Lamp, Luke 8:16 ) though Luke also has the expression "in parables" ( Luke 8:10 ). See Matthew 13:1 ff. and Mark 4:1 ff. for discussion of the word parable and the details of the Parable of the Sower. Luke does not locate the place, but he mentions the great crowds on hand, while both Mark and Matthew name the seaside as the place where Jesus was at the start of the series of parables.

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