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Luke 9:34

Overshadowed them (epeskiazen autou). Imperfect active (aorist in Matthew 17:5 ) as present participle in Mark 9:7 , inchoative, the shadow began to come upon them. On Hermon as on many high mountains a cloud will swiftly cover the cap. I have seen this very thing at Blue Ridge, North Carolina. This same verb is used of the Holy Spirit upon Mary ( Luke 1:35 ). Nowhere else in the N.T., though an old verb (epi, skiazw, from skia, shadow). As they entered into the cloud (en twi eiselqein autou ei thn nepelhn). Luke's idiom of en with the articular infinitive again (aorist active this time, on the entering in as to them). All six "entered into" the cloud, but only Peter, James, and John "became afraid" (epobhqhsan, ingressive first aorist passive).

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