Luke 9:35

If ekeinou be accepted here instead of autou, the three disciples would be outside of the cloud. Out of the cloud (ek th nepelh). This voice was the voice of the Father like that at the baptism of Jesus ( Luke 3:22 ; Mark 1:11 ; Matthew 3:17 ) and like that near the end ( John 12:28-30 ) when the people thought it was a clap of thunder or an angel. My son, my chosen (Ho uio mou, o eklelegmeno). So the best documents (Aleph B L Syriac Sinaitic). The others make it "My Beloved" as in Mark 9:7 ; Matthew 17:5 . These disciples are commanded to hear Jesus, God's Son, even when he predicts his death, a pointed rebuke to Simon Peter as to all.