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Luke 9:52

Sent messengers (apesteilen aggelou). As a precaution since he was going to Jerusalem through Samaria. The Samaritans did not object when people went north from Jerusalem through their country. He was repudiating Mount Gerizim by going by it to Jerusalem. This was an unusual precaution by Jesus and we do not know who the messengers (angels) were. To make ready for him (w etoimasai autwi). Hw is correct here, not wste. The only examples of the final use of w with the infinitive in the N.T. are this one and Hebrews 7:9 (absolute use). In Acts 20:24 Westcott and Hort read w teleiwsw and put w teleiwsai in the margin (Robertson, Grammar, p. 1091).

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