Mark 1:1

The beginning (arch). There is no article in the Greek. It is possible that the phrase served as a heading or title for the paragraph about the ministry of the Baptist or as the superscription for the whole Gospel (Bruce) placed either by Mark or a scribe. And then the Gospel of Jesus Christ means the Message about Jesus Christ (objective genitive). The word Gospel here (euaggelion) comes close to meaning the record itself as told by Mark. Swete notes that each writer has a different starting point (arch). Mark, as the earliest form of the evangelic tradition, begins with the work of the Baptist, Matthew with the ancestry and birth of the Messiah, Luke with the birth of the Baptist, John with the Preincarnate Logos, Paul with the foundation of each of the churches ( Philippians 4:15 ). The Son of God (Huiou qeou). Aleph 28, 255 omit these words, but B, D, L, have them and the great mass of the manuscripts have uiou tou qeou. If this is a heading added to what Mark wrote, the heading may have existed early in two forms, one with, one without "Son of God." If Mark wrote the words, there is no reason to doubt the genuineness since he uses the phrase elsewhere.

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