Mark 1:20

With the hired servants (meta twn misqwtwn). One hired for wages (misqo), a very old Greek word. Zebedee and his two sons evidently had an extensive business in co-operation with Andrew and Simon ( Luke 5:7 Luke 5:10 ). Mark alone has this detail of the hired servants left with Zebedee. They left the boat and their father ( Matthew 4:22 ) with the hired servants. The business would go on while they left all ( Luke 5:11 ) and became permanent followers of Jesus. Many a young man has faced precisely this problem when he entered the ministry. Could he leave father and mother, brothers and sisters, while he went forth to college and seminary to become a fisher of men? Not the least of the sacrifices made in the education of young preachers is that made by the home folks who have additional burdens to bear because the young preacher is no longer a bread-winner at home. Most young preachers joyfully carry on such burdens after entering the ministry.

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