Mark 11:18

Sought how they might destroy him (ezhtoun pw auton apoleswsin). Imperfect indicative, a continuous attitude and endeavour. Note deliberative subjunctive with pw retained in indirect question. Here both Sadducees (chief priests) and Pharisees (scribes) combine in their resentment against the claims of Jesus and in the determination to kill him. Long ago the Pharisees and the Herodians had plotted for his death ( Mark 3:6 ). Now in Jerusalem the climax has come right in the temple. For they feared him (epobounto gar). Imperfect middle indicative. Hence in wrath they planned his death and yet they had to be cautious. The Triumphal Entry had shown his power with the people. And now right in the temple itself "all the multitude was astonished at his teaching" (pa o oclo exeplhsseto epi th didach autou). Imperfect passive. The people looked on Jesus as a hero, as the Messiah. This verse aptly describes the crisis that has now come between Christ and the Sanhedrin.