Mark 12:13

That they might catch him in talk (ina auton agreuswsin logwi). Ingressive aorist subjunctive. The verb is late from agra (a hunt or catching). It appears in the LXX and papyri. Here alone in the N.T. Luke 20:20 has the same idea, "that they may take hold of his speech" (epilabwntai autou logon) while Matthew 22:15 uses pagideuswsin (to snare or trap). See discussion in Matthew. We have seen the scribes and Pharisees trying to do this very thing before ( Luke 11:33 ). Mark and Matthew note here the combination of Pharisees and Herodians as Mark did in Luke 3:6 . Matthew speaks of "disciples" or pupils of the Pharisees while Luke calls them "spies" (enkaqetou).

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