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Mark 13:14

Standing where he ought not (esthkota opou ou dei). Matthew 24:15 has "standing in the holy place" (esto en topoi agiwi), neuter and agreeing with bdelugma (abomination), the very phrase applied in 1Macc. 1:54 to the altar to Zeus erected by Antiochus Epiphanes where the altar to Jehovah was. Mark personifies the abomination as personal (masculine), while Luke 21:20 defines it by reference to the armies (of Rome, as it turned out). So the words of Daniel find a second fulfilment, Rome taking the place of Syria (Swete). See on "Mt 24:15" for this phrase and the parenthesis inserted in the words of Jesus ("Let him that readeth understand"). See also on "Mt 24:16"-25 for discussion of details in " Mark 13:14 ".

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