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Mark 14:72

Called to mind (anemnhsqh). First aorist passive indicative. Matthew 26:75 has the uncompounded verb emnhsqh while Luke 22:61 has another compound upemnhsqh, was reminded. When he thought thereon (epibalwn). Second aorist active participle of epiballw. It is used absolutely here, though there is a reference to to rhma above, the word of Jesus, and the idiom involves ton noun so that the meaning is to put the mind upon something. In Luke 15:12 there is another absolute use with a different sense. Moulton (Prolegomena, p. 131) quotes a Ptolemaic papyrus Tb P 50 where epibalwn probably means "set to," put his mind on. Wept (eklaien). Inchoative imperfect, began to weep. Matthew 26:75 has the ingressive aorist eklausen, burst into tears.

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