Mark 15:1

In the morning (prwi). The ratification meeting after day. See on Matthew 26:1-5 for details. Held a consultation (sumboulion poihsante). So text of Westcott and Hort (Vulgate consilium facientes), though they give etoimasante in the margin. The late and rare word sumboulion is like the Latin consilium. If etoimasante is the correct text, the idea would be rather to prepare a concerted plan of action (Gould). But their action was illegal on the night before and they felt the need of this ratification after dawn which is described in Luke 22:66-71 , who does not give the illegal night trial. Bound Jesus (dhsante ton Ihsoun). He was bound on his arrest ( John 18:12 ) when brought before Annas who sent him on bound to Caiaphas ( John 18:24 ) and now he is bound again as he is sent to Pilate ( Mark 15:1 ; Matthew 27:2 ). It is implied that he was unbound while before Annas and then before Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin.

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