Mark 15:43

A councillor of honourable estate (euschmwn bouleuth). A senator or member of the Sanhedrin of high standing, rich ( Matthew 27:57 ). Looking for the Kingdom of God (hn prosdecomeno thn basileian tou qeou). Periphrastic imperfect. Also Luke 23:51 . The very verb used by Luke of Simeon and Anna ( Luke 2:25 Luke 2:38 ). Matthew 27:57 calls him "Jesus' disciple" while John 19:38 adds "secretly for fear of the Jews." He had evidently taken no public stand for Jesus before now. Boldly (tolmhsa). Aorist (ingressive) active participle, becoming bold. It is the glory of Joseph and Nicodemus, secret disciples of Jesus, that they took a bold stand when the rest were in terror and dismay. That is love psychology, paradoxical as it may seem.