Mark 16:14

To the eleven themselves (autoi toi endeka). Both terms, eleven and twelve ( John 20:24 ), occur after the death of Judas. There were others present on this first Sunday evening according to Luke 24:33 . Afterward (usteron) is here alone in Mark, though common in Matthew. Upbraided (wneidisen). They were guilty of unbelief (apistian) and hardness of heart (sklhrokardian). Doubt is not necessarily a mark of intellectual superiority. One must steer between credulity and doubt. That problem is a vital one today in all educated circles. Some of the highest men of science today are devout believers in the Risen Christ. Luke explains how the disciples were upset by the sudden appearance of Christ and were unable to believe the evidence of their own senses ( Luke 24:38-43 ).

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