Mark 16:6

Be not amazed (mh ekqambeisqe). The angel noted their amazement (verse John 5 ) and urges the cessation of it using this very word. The Nazarene (ton Nazarhnon). Only in Mark, to identify "Jesus" to the women. The crucified one (ton estaurwmenon). This also in Matthew 28:5 . This description of his shame has become his crown of glory, for Paul ( Galatians 6:14 ), and for all who look to the Crucified and Risen Christ as Saviour and Lord. He is risen (hgerqh). First aorist passive indicative, the simple fact. In 1 Corinthians 15:4 Paul uses the perfect passive indicative eghgertai to emphasize the permanent state that Jesus remains risen. Behold the place (ide o topo). Here ide is used as an interjection with no effect on the case (nominative). In Matthew 28:6 idete is the verb with the accusative. See Robertson, Grammar, p. 302.