Mark 16:5

Entering into the tomb (eiselqousai ei to mnhmeion). Told also by Luke 24:3 , though not by Matthew. A young man (neaniskon). An angel in Matthew 28:5 , two men in Luke 24:1 ff. These and like variations in details show the independence of the narrative and strengthen the evidence for the general fact of the resurrection. The angel sat upon the stone ( Matthew 28:2 ), probably at first. Mark here speaks of the young man sitting on the right side (kaqhmenon en toi dexioi) inside the tomb. Luke has the two men standing by them on the inside ( Luke 24:4 ). Possibly different aspects and stages of the incident. Arrayed in a white robe (peribeblhmenon stolhn leukhn). Perfect passive participle with the accusative case of the thing retained (verb of clothing). Luke 24:4 has "in dazzling apparel." They were amazed (exeqambhqhsan). They were utterly (ex in composition) amazed. Luke 24:5 has it "affrighted." Matthew 28:3 tells more of the raiment white as snow which made the watchers quake and become as dead men. But this was before the arrival of the women. Mark, like Matthew and Luke, does not mention the sudden departure of Mary Magdalene to tell Peter and John of the grave robbery as she supposed ( John 20:1-10 ).

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