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Mark 2:6

Sitting there, and reasoning in their hearts (ekei kaqhmenoi kai dialogizomenoi en tai kardiai autwn). Another of Mark's pictures through Peter's eyes. These scribes (and Pharisees, Luke 5:21 ) were there to cause trouble, to pick flaws in the teaching and conduct of Jesus. His popularity and power had aroused their jealousy. There is no evidence that they spoke aloud the murmur in their hearts, "within themselves" ( Matthew 9:3 ). It was not necessary, for their looks gave them away and Jesus knew their thoughts ( Matthew 9:4 ) and perceived their reasoning ( Luke 5:22 ). Instantly Jesus recognized it in his own spirit (euqu epignou o Ihsou twi pneumati autou, Mark 2:8 ). The Master at once recognizes the hostile atmosphere in the house. The debate (dialogizomenoi) in their hearts was written on their faces. No sound had come, but feeling did.

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