Mark 4:38

Asleep on the cushion (epi to proskepalaion kaqeudwn). Mark also mentions the cushion or bolster and the stern of the boat (en th prumnh). Matthew 8:24 notes that Jesus was sleeping (ekaqeuden), Luke that he fell asleep (apupnwsen, ingressive aorist indicative). He was worn out from the toil of this day. They awake him (egeirousin auton). So Mark's graphic present. Matthew and Luke both have "awoke him." Mark has also what the others do not: "Carest thou not?" (ou melei soi;). It was a rebuke to Jesus for sleeping in such a storm. We are perishing (apollumeqa, linear present middle). Precisely this same form also in Matthew 8:25 and Luke 8:24 .