Mark 5:26

Had suffered many things of many physicians (polla paqousa upo pollwn iatrwn). A pathetic picture of a woman with a chronic case who had tried doctor after doctor. Had spent all that she had (dapanhsasa ta par auth panta). Having spent the all from herself, all her resources. For the idiom with para see Luke 10:7 ; Philippians 4:18 . The tragedy of it was that she "was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse" (mhden wpelhqeisa alla mallon ei to ceiron elqousa). Her money was gone, her disease was gaining on her, her one chance came now with Jesus. Matthew says nothing about her experience with the doctors and Luke 8:43 merely says that she "had spent all her living upon physicians and could not be healed of any," a plain chronic case. Luke the physician neatly takes care of the physicians. But they were not to blame. She had a disease that they did not know how to cure. Vincent quotes a prescription for an issue of blood as given in the Talmud which gives one a most grateful feeling that he is not under the care of doctors of that nature. The only parallel today is Chinese medicine of the old sort before modern medical schools came.