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Mark 5:35

While he yet spake (Eti autou lalounto). Genitive absolute. Another vivid touch in Mark and Luke 8:49 . The phrase is in Genesis 29:9 . Nowhere does Mark preserve better the lifelike traits of an eyewitness like Peter than in these incidents in chapter 5. The arrival of the messengers from Jairus was opportune for the woman just healed of the issue of blood (en usei aimato) for it diverted attention from her. Now the ruler's daughter has died (apeqane). Why troublest thou the master any further? (Ti eti skullei ton didaskalon;). It was all over, so they felt. Jesus had raised from the dead the son of the widow of Nain ( Luke 7:11-17 ), but people in general did not expect him to raise the dead. The word skullw, from skulon (skin, pelt, spoils), means to skin, to flay, in Aeschylus. Then it comes to mean to vex, annoy, distress as in Matthew 9:36 , which see. The middle is common in the papyri for bother, worry, as in Luke 7:6 . There was no further use in troubling the Teacher about the girl.

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