Mark 6:19

And Herodias set herself against him (Hh de Hhrwidia eneicen autwi). Dative of disadvantage. Literally, had it in for him. This is modern slang, but is in exact accord with this piece of vernacular Koin. No object of eicen is expressed, though orghn or colon may be implied. The tense is imperfect and aptly described the feelings of Herodias towards this upstart prophet of the wilderness who had dared to denounce her private relations with Herod Antipas. Gould suggests that she "kept her eye on him" or kept up her hostility towards him. She never let up, but bided her time which, she felt sure, would come. See the same idiom in Genesis 49:23 . She desired to kill him (hqelen auton apokteinai). Imperfect again. And she could not (kai ouk hdunato). Kai here has an adversative sense, but she could not. That is, not yet. "The power was wanting, not the will" (Swete).