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Mark 6:20

Feared John (epobeito ton Iwanhn). Imperfect tense, continual state of fear. He feared John and also Herodias. Between the two Herod vacillated. He knew him to be righteous and holy (dikaion kai agion) and so innocent of any wrong. So he kept him safe (sunethrei). Imperfect tense again. Late Greek verb. From the plots and schemes of Herodias. She was another Jezebel towards John and with Herod. Much perplexed (polla hporei). This the correct text not polla epoiei, did many things. Imperfect tense again. He heard him gladly (hdew hkouen). Imperfect tense again. This is the way that Herod really felt when he could slip away from the meshes of Herodias. These interviews with the Baptist down in the prison at Machaerus during his occasional visits there braced "his jaded mind as with a whiff of fresh air" (Swete). But then he saw Herodias again and he was at his wits' end (hporei, lose one's way, a privative and poro, way), for he knew that he had to live with Herodias with whom he was hopelessly entangled.

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