Mark 6:38

Go and see (upagete idete). John says that Jesus asked Philip to find out what food they had ( John 6:5 ) probably after the disciples had suggested that Jesus send the crowd away as night was coming on ( Mark 6:35 ). On this protest to his command that they feed the crowds ( Mark 6:37 ; Matthew 14:16 ; Luke 9:13 ) Jesus said "Go see" how many loaves you can get hold of. Then Andrew reports the fact of the lad with five barley loaves and two fishes ( John 6:8 ). They had suggested before that two hundred pennyworth (dhnariwn diakosiwn. See on "Mt 18:28") was wholly inadequate and even that (some thirty-five dollars) was probably all that or even more than they had with them. John's Gospel alone tells of the lad with his lunch which his mother had given him.