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Mark 6:6

And he marvelled because of their unbelief (kai eqaumasen dia thn apistian autwn). Aorist tense, but Westcott and Hort put the imperfect in the margin. Jesus had divine knowledge and accurate insight into the human heart, but he had human limitations in certain things that are not clear to us. He marvelled at the faith of the Roman centurion where one would not expect faith ( Matthew 8:10 ; Luke 7:9 ). Here he marvels at the lack of faith where he had a right to expect it, not merely among the Jews, but in his own home town, among his kinspeople, even in his own home. One may excuse Mary, the mother of Jesus, from this unbelief, puzzled, as she probably was, by his recent conduct ( Mark 3:21 Mark 3:31 ). There is no proof that she ever lost faith in her wonderful Son. He went round about the villages teaching (perihgen ta kwma kuklwi didaskwn). A good illustration of the frequent poor verse division. An entirely new paragraph begins with these words, the third tour of Galilee. They should certainly be placed with verse Mark 7 . The Revised Version would be justified if it had done nothing else than give us paragraphs according to the sense and connection. "Jesus resumes the role of a wandering preacher in Galilee" (Bruce). Imperfect tense, perihgen.

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