Mark 8:27

Into the villages of Caesarea Philippi (ei ta kwma Kaisaria th Pilippou). Parts (merh) Matthew 16:13 has, the Caesarea of Philippi in contrast to the one down on the Mediterranean Sea. Mark means the villages belonging to the district around Caesarea Philippi. This region is on a spur of Mount Hermon in Iturea ruled by Herod Philip so that Jesus is safe from annoyance by Herod Antipas or the Pharisees and Sadducees. Up here on this mountain slope Jesus will have his best opportunity to give the disciples special teaching concerning the crucifixion just a little over six months ahead. So Jesus asked (ephrwta, descriptive imperfect) Who do men say that I am? (Tina me legousin oi anqrwpoi einai;). Matthew 16:13 has "the Son of Man" in place of "I" here in Mark and in Luke 9:18 . He often described himself as "the Son of Man." Certainly here the phrase could not mean merely "a man." They knew the various popular opinions about Jesus of which Herod Antipas had heard ( Mark 3:21 Mark 3:31 ). It was time that the disciples reveal how much they had been influenced by their environment as well as by the direct instruction of Jesus.