Matthew 11:17

Children sitting in the market places (paidioi kaqhmenoi en tai agorai). This parable of the children playing in the market place is given also in Luke 7:31 f. Had Jesus as a child in Nazareth not played games with the children? He had certainly watched them often since. The interest of Christ in children was keen. He has really created the modern child's world out of the indifference of the past. They would not play wedding or funeral in a peevish fret. These metaphors in the Gospels are vivid to those with eyes to see. The agora was originally the assembly, then the forum or public square where the people gathered for trade or for talk as in Athens ( Acts 17:17 ) and in many modern towns. So the Roman Forum. The oriental bazaars today are held in streets rather than public squares. Even today with all the automobiles children play in the streets. In English the word "cheap" (Cheapside) meant only barter and price, not cheap in our sense. The word for mourn (ekopsasqe) means to beat the heart, direct middle, after the fashion of eastern funeral lamentations.