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Matthew 11:19

Wisdom is justified by her works (edikaiwqh apo twn ergwn auth). A timeless aorist passive (Robertson, Grammar, p. 836f.). The word "justified" means "set right" Luke ( Luke 7:35 ) has "by all her children" as some MSS. have here to make Matthew like Luke. These words are difficult, but understandable. God's wisdom has planned the different conduct of both John and Jesus. He does not wish all to be just alike in everything. "This generation" (verse Luke 16 ) is childish, not childlike, and full of whimsical inconsistencies in their faultfinding. They exaggerate in each case. John did not have a demon and Jesus was not a glutton or a winebibber. "And, worse than either, for pilo is used in a sinister sense and implies that Jesus was the comrade of the worst characters, and like them in conduct. A malicious nickname at first, it is now a name of honour: the sinner's lover" (Bruce). Cf. Luke 15:2 . The plan of God is justified by results.

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