Matthew 11:20

Most of his mighty works (ai pleistai dunamei autou). Literally, "His very many mighty works" if elative as usual in the papyri (Moulton, Prolegomena, p. 79; Robertson, Grammar, p. 670). But the usual superlative makes sense here as the Canterbury translation has it. This word dunami for miracle presents the notion of power like our dynamite. The word tera is wonder, portent, miraculum (miracle) as in Acts 2:19 . It occurs only in the plural and always with shmeia. The word shmeion means sign ( Matthew 12:38 ) and is very common in John's Gospel as well as the word ergon (work) as in John 5:36 . Other words used are paradoxon, our word paradox, strange ( Luke 5:26 ), endoxon, glorious ( Luke 13:17 ), qaumasion, wonderful ( Matthew 21:15 ).