Philemon 1:2

To Apphia our sister (Appiai th adelph). Dative case in address. A common name in Phrygian inscriptions and apparently the wife of Philemon. "Sister" is in the Christian sense. To Archippus (Arcippwi). Dative case in address. It is uncertain whether he is the son of Philemon or not. Apparently he is prominent in the church in Colossae, possibly even pastor, probably not in Laodicea as some understand Colossians 4:17 to imply. Fellow-soldier (sunstratiwth). Old word, only here and Philippians 2:25 in N.T. In metaphorical sense. Perhaps while Paul was in Ephesus. To the church in thy house (th kat oikon sou ekklhsiai). The church that met in the house of Philemon. In large cities there would be several meeting-places. Before the third century there is no certain evidence of special church buildings for worship (White, Exp. Grk. T.). See Acts 12:12 for Mary's house in Jerusalem, 1 Corinthians 16:19 for the house of Aquila and Prisca in Ephesus, Romans 16:5 for the house of Prisca and Aquila in Rome, Colossians 4:15 for the house of Nympha in Laodicea.