Philippians 1:27

Let your manner of life (politeuesqe). Old verb from polith, citizen, and that from poli, city, to be a citizen, to manage a state's affairs, to live as a citizen. Only twice in N.T., here and Acts 23:1 . Philippi as a colony possessed Roman citizenship and Paul was proud of his own possession of this right. The Authorized Version missed the figure completely by the word "conversation" which did refer to conduct and not mere talk as now, but did not preserve the figure of citizenship. Better render, "Only do ye live as citizens." Striving (sunaqlounte). Rather, "striving together" as in an athletic contest. Late and rare word (Diodorus). "The very energy of the Christian faith to produce energetic individualities" (Rainy). "Striving in concert" (Lightfoot). For the faith (th pistei). For the teaching of the gospel, objective sense of pisti (faith).