Philippians 2:12

Not as in my presence only (mh w en th parousiai monon). B and a few other MSS. omit w. The negative mh goes with the imperative katergazesqe (work out), not with uphkousate (obeyed) which would call for ouc. Much more (pollwi mallon). They are not to render eye-service only when Paul is there, but much more when he is away. Work out (katergazesqe). Perfective use of kata (down) in composition, work on to the finish. This exhortation assumes human free agency in the carrying on the work of one's salvation. With fear and trembling (meta pobou kai tromou). "Not slavish terror, but wholesome, serious caution" (Vincent). "A nervous and trembling anxiety to do right" (Lightfoot). Paul has no sympathy with a cold and dead orthodoxy or formalism that knows nothing of struggle and growth. He exhorts as if he were an Arminian in addressing men. He prays as if he were a Calvinist in addressing God and feels no inconsistency in the two attitudes. Paul makes no attempt to reconcile divine sovereignty and human free agency, but boldly proclaims both.