Philippians 2:13

Which worketh in you (o energwn en umin). Articular present active participle of energew from energo (en, ergon) one at work, common verb from Aristotle on, to be at work, to energize. God is the Energy and the Energizer of the universe. Modern scientists, like Eddington, Jeans, and Whitney, are not afraid to agree with Paul and to put God back of all activity in nature. Both to will and to work (kai to qelein kai to energein). "Both the willing and the working (the energizing)." God does it all, then. Yes, but he puts us to work also and our part is essential, as he has shown in verse Romans 12 , though secondary to that of God. For his good-pleasure (uper th eudokia). So Whitney puts "the will of God" behind gravitation and all the laws of nature.