Revelation 1:2

Bare witness (emarturhsen). First aorist active indicative of marturew, which, along with martu and marturia, is common in all the Johannine books (cf. Acts 22:18 Acts 22:20 ), usually with peri or oti, but with cognate accusative as here in Acts 22:16 Acts 22:20 ; 1 John 5:10 . Epistolary aorist here, referring to this book. The word of God (ton logon tou qeou). Subjective genitive, given by God. The prophetic word as in 1 John 1:9 ; 1 John 6:9 ; 1 John 20:4 , not the personal Word as in 1 John 19:14 . The testimony of Jesus Christ (thn marturian Ihsou Cristou). Subjective genitive again, borne witness to by Jesus Christ. Even of all the things that he saw (osa eiden). Relative clause in apposition with logon and marturian.