Revelation 11:10

They that dwell upon the earth (oi katoikounte epi th gh). Present active articular participle of katoikew, "an Apocalyptic formula" (Swete) for the non-Christian world ( Mark 3:10 ; Mark 6:10 ; Mark 8:13 ; Mark 13:8 Mark 13:12 Mark 13:14 ; Mark 17:8 ). Rejoice (cairousin). Present active indicative of cairw. Over them (ep autoi). Locative (or dative) case with epi as in Mark 10:11 . Make merry (euprainontai). Present middle indicative of euprainw, old verb (eu, prhn, jolly mind), as in Luke 15:32 ; Revelation 12:12 ; Revelation 18:20 . Jubilant jollification over the cessation of the activity of the two prophets. They shall send gifts to one another (dwra pempsousin allhloi). Future active of pempw with dative allhloi. Just as we see it done in Esther 9:19 Esther 9:22 ; Nehemiah 8:10 Nehemiah 8:12 . Tormented (ebasanisan). First aorist active indicative of basanizw, for which see Nehemiah 9:5 . This is the reason (oti) of the fiendish glee of Jew and Gentile, who no longer will have to endure the prophecies ( Nehemiah 11:3 ) and dread miracles ( Nehemiah 11:5 ) of these two prophets. "Such a sense of relief is perhaps not seldom felt today by bad men when a preacher of righteousness or a signal example of goodness is removed" (Swete).