Revelation 11:11

After the (meta ta etc.). The article ta (the) points back to Nehemiah 11:9 . The breath of life from God (pneuma zwh ek tou qeou). This phrase (pneuma zwh) occurs in Genesis 6:17 ; Genesis 7:15 Genesis 7:22 of the lower animals, but here there is clearly an allusion to Ezekiel 37:5 Ezekiel 37:10 (also 2 Kings 13:21 ), where the dead bones lived again. Entered into them (eishlqen en autoi). Second aorist active indicative of eisercomai with en rather than ei after it (cf. Luke 9:46 ). The prophecy has here become fact (change from future pempsousin to aorist eishlqen). They stood upon their feet (esthsan epi tou poda autwn). Ingressive second aorist active indicative of isthmi (intransitive). Reference to Ezekiel 37:10 , but with the accusative in place of genitive there after epi as in 2 Kings 13:21 . Fell upon (epepesen epi). Second aorist active indicative of epipiptw with repetition of epi. The same prophetic use of the aorist as in eishlqen and esthsan. Beheld (qewrounta). Present active articular participle of qewrew. "The spectators were panic-stricken" (Swete).