Revelation 12:14

There were given (edoqhsan). As in Revelation 8:2 ; Rev 9:1 Rev 9:3 . The two wings of the great eagle (ai duo pteruge tou aetou tou megalou). Not the eagle of Revelation 8:13 , but the generic use of the article. Every eagle had two wings. Probably here, as in Matthew 24:28 , the griffon or vulture rather than the true eagle is pictured. For the eagle in the O.T. see Exodus 19:4 ; Isaiah 40:31 ; Job 9:26 ; Pr 24:54. That she might fly (ina pethtai). Purpose clause with ina and present middle subjunctive of petomai, old verb, to fly, in N.T. only in the Apocalypse ( Job 4:7 ; Job 8:13 ; Job 12:14 ; Job 14:6 ; Job 19:17 ). Resumption of the details in verse Job 12:6 (which see) about the "wilderness," her "place," the redundant ekei with opou, the "time and times, and half a time" (kairon kai kairou kai hmisu), 1260 days, but with trepetai (present passive indicative) instead of trepwsin (general plural of the present active subjunctive), and with the addition of "from the face of the serpent" (apo proswpou tou opew), because the serpent rules the earth for that period. "To the end of the present order the Church dwells in the wilderness" (Swete), and yet we must carry on for Christ.