Revelation 13:10

If any man is for captivity (ei ti ei aicmalwsian). Condition of first class, but with no copula (estin) expressed. For aicmalwsian (from aicmalwto captive) see Ephesians 4:8 , only other N.T. example. Apparently John means this as a warning to the Christians not to resist force with force, but to accept captivity as he had done as a means of grace. Cf. Jeremiah 15:2 . The text is not certain, however. If any man shall kill with the sword (ei ti en macairh apoktenei). First-class condition with future active of apokteinw, not future passive, for it is a picture of the persecutor drawn here like that by Jesus in Matthew 26:52 . Must he be killed (dei auton en macairh apoktanqhnai). First aorist passive infinitive of apokteinw. The inevitable conclusion (dei) of such conduct. The killer is killed. Here (wde). In this attitude of submission to the inevitable. For wde see Matthew 13:18 ; Matthew 14:12 ; Matthew 17:9 . "Faith" (pisti) here is more like faithfulness, fidelity.