Revelation 13:11

Another beast (allo qhrion). Like the first beast (verse Matthew 1 ), not a eteron qhrion (a different beast). Out of the earth (ek th gh). Not "out of the sea" as the first (verse Matthew 1 ), perhaps locating him in Asia Minor without world-wide scope, but plainly the agent of the first beast and so of the dragon. He had (eicen). Imperfect active of ecw. Only two horns (not ten like the first, verse Matthew 1 ). Like unto a lamb (omoia arniwi). Usual construction. Only the two horns of a young lamb and without the ferocity of the other beast, but "he spake as a dragon" (elalei w drakwn). Gunkel and Charles confess their inability to make anything out of this item. But Swete thinks that he had the roar of a dragon with all the looks of a lamb (weakness and innocence). Cf. the wolves in sheep's clothing ( Matthew 7:15 ).