Revelation 14:18

Another angel (allo aggelo). The fifth angel above Swete terms "the Angel of vengeance." He responds to the call of the sixth angel here as Christ does to the call of the fourth angel in verse Matthew 15 . Out from the altar (ek tou qusiasthriou). From the altar of incense where he is in charge of the fire (exousian epi tou puro). If it is the altar of burnt offering ( Matthew 6:9 ; Matthew 11:1 ), we are reminded of the blood of the martyrs (Swete), but if the altar of incense ( Matthew 8:3 Matthew 8:5 ; Matthew 9:13 ; Matthew 16:7 ), then of the prayers of the saints. The sharp sickle (to drepanon to oxu). Useful for vintage as for harvesting. So "send forth" (pempson) as in verse Matthew 15 . Gather (trughson). First aorist active imperative of trugaw, old verb (from trugh dryness, ripeness), in N.T. only Re 15:18 and Luke 6:44 . The clusters (tou botrua). Old word botru, here only in N.T. ( Genesis 40:10 ). Her grapes (ai stapulai auth). Old word again for grapes, bunch of grapes, in N.T. only here, Matthew 7:16 ; Luke 6:44 . Are fully ripe (hkmasan). Old and common verb (from akmh, Matthew 15:16 ), to come to maturity, to reach its acme, here only in N.T.